Made by Wildlife – full circle

I made a painting based on a piece of cartridge left outside for wildlife to make their own marks on. After recording it for this module, I pinned it to the door of the garden shed and took photographs of it once a month to document any changes. It was remarkably robust for the whole summer but then suffered ignominy during an October storm. After a night of wind, rain, and wild goings on outdoors, it ended up back on the ground again. Continue reading Made by Wildlife – full circle

Assessment Level 4, November 2020 – images

Angry COVID Face Wrong PPE The Hub Cafe A Bend in the Adur Tin Pots Hill Recreation Ground Klimt’s Gold Recreation Ground Trapped Landscape Mask Eyes On – a commentary on people’s perceptions of being hidden and suppressed by mask-wearing. This post may be updated or edited at any time prior to submission. Continue reading Assessment Level 4, November 2020 – images

Side project – FauxKusama

“Bring on Picasso, bring on Matisse, bring on anybody! I would stand up to them all with a single polka dot!” — Yayoi Kusama She wasn’t kidding. Kusama’s oeuvre comprises intensely detailed but repetitive patterns or aggregations of single style brush strokes, although she has also exhibited furniture and household objects covered in individually stitched phalluses, and latterly some rather stunning 3D installations. In these painting, the marks didn’t have to be identical, in fact some were impasto within a sea of lower profile strokes, and she used these to make nets, sometimes adding colour to the spaces in between. I … Continue reading Side project – FauxKusama

Side project: not-a-matisse

This picture has struck me for longer than I’d realised. I didn’t give it much thought and I had no idea who painted it but it looked bright and rebellious. It turns out that was not far from the truth; it was Matisse’s painting of his wife Amelie in the wild colours of his style, Amelie herself later being arrested (in 1944) for being part of the French resistance. I’ve taken to challenging myself recently between exercises and assignments to copy a painting (or complete one of the in-the-style-of exercises set by the MoMA Coursera course on post war abstract … Continue reading Side project: not-a-matisse

Part 5 assignment 5 – Lockdown Art: a series of paintings on a theme

There is no particular order to these paintings although chronological is probably the most appropriate. For me, in a statistically defined ‘at risk’ group and with no end in sight to that risk, lockdown has been the defining feature of this module and probably will be for the next one at least. I have had to invent ways of meeting the requirements without access to people, or landscapes, or sometimes sufficient space. This in the context of also accessing reliable food supplies for myself and my five cats who would be quite unforgiving if deprived of Felix As Good As … Continue reading Part 5 assignment 5 – Lockdown Art: a series of paintings on a theme