Part 5 assignment 5 – Lockdown Art: a series of paintings on a theme

There is no particular order to these paintings although chronological is probably the most appropriate. For me, in a statistically defined ‘at risk’ group and with no end in sight to that risk, lockdown has been the defining feature of this module and probably will be for the next one at least. I have had to invent ways of meeting the requirements without access to people, or landscapes, or sometimes sufficient space. This in the context of also accessing reliable food supplies for myself and my five cats who would be quite unforgiving if deprived of Felix As Good As … Continue reading Part 5 assignment 5 – Lockdown Art: a series of paintings on a theme

Assignment 1 self evaluation

I chose this painting from the two I’d done because I like the colours, the brush marks, and the fact I’d managed to get the shape of the jug right for once. I’m also drawing a contrast with the seafront scene in that the jug painting, ironically, seems to have more movement in it despite being a still life. I have scoured the folder for a structure for this component and failed so I’m transplanting the one I’ve used in the Drawing module. Demonstration of technical and visual skills – materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. … Continue reading Assignment 1 self evaluation

Assignment 1

After a bit of a hiatus due to finding there was more to do on the Drawing1 course than I’d realised, I’m making a start on this. I have a jug that defeats me every time I draw it and an onion that doesn’t – not so much anyway – and the colours are marvellous. Elsewhere, I’ve been up to the ears in brutalist concrete and grungy graffiti so going smooth and shiny will be a challenge. Here’s the image (my own) that I’m working from: I love the colours and the reflection, and the tiny hint of a demarcation … Continue reading Assignment 1